Launched in 2016, Cong Circle educates and nurtures Chinese artists, funds collaborative projects, and introduces them to new global audiences.


Our Passion

We are continually finding new ways to build our global network. One important aspect is our creative team in China who identifies influential Chinese artists who have the same vision, dream and desire – to impact global audiences with their story. Cóng Circle provides strategic support to develop our artists both personally and professionally with the sole purpose of refining their craft to create art that is true, good and beautiful for the common good.



Artists and storytellers throughout the world and over time share a common bond – courage. The journey can be lonely, but it doesn’t have to be. We invest in artists by creating a collaborative environment for them to engage other creatives first. Those relationships are powerful because they mutually strengthen and encourage one another along the way.

Cóng Circle’s Founders have established a growing global network to explore ideas and emerging insights that nurture effective collaboration. We believe every artist deserves an opportunity to find the most meaningful way to express their gifts and talents in pursuit of building a full life. Our artists are empowered through our method of development and one on one mentoring. We begin through exposure to our educational programs which offer training for beginners as well as mature for our more advanced creatives.