Kirsten Mount


Growing up with a producer-father (Mark Rodgers, founder of Wedgewood Circle, the Clapham Group, Cave Pictures and Cave Publishing) who founded and ran entertainment companies, Kirsten was immersed in the creative process, experiencing the challenges and thrills of taking creatives and their ideas, drawing in and directing talent to create content that captivates their target audiences. Drawn to all of it, Kirsten filled her life with entertainment, especially writing – as well as her passion for finding and enabling young talent.

Pulled especially by China’s global entertainment emergence, in 2010 Kirsten moved to Chengdu, China, where she quickly fell in love with the Chinese people and culture. Experienced in finding and empowering talent, Kirsten soon found artists in China that she helped mentor and succeed in realizing their dreams. Kirsten helped teach at art schools, brought students to studios and enabled them to prove their abilities, perform and create entertainment.

In 2015, Kirsten launched Cong (pronounced ‘Song’) Circle to more formally and broadly fulfill her vision to help enrich China’s arts. She witnesses among so many of China’s people the amazing combination of natural talent, coupled with extraordinary will and sacrifice to achieve artistic excellence. It is this combination that can and is quickly leading some of them to rise among the world’s leading creatives. Kirsten’s prime objective is to assist China in producing some of the world’s most powerfully transformative media. Media that inspires and empowers audiences to be and live their best.