Who Are We?

Yi Jia is the perfect example of the type of artists we want to support. In 2013 she was a participant on the tv show, Sing My Song in China. Sing My Song was created by the same producers as the Voice, the only difference being that the participants sing songs that they have written, rather than someone else's songs. Although she did not win, Yi Jia was offered a recording contract after the show by Liu Huan, one of the most famous singers in China. Yi Jia than used her platform to create an album targeted at the identity of Chinese schoolchildren. She recognized the reality that most Chinese youth put all of their value and worth in academics, and thus have a very difficult time getting jobs and supporting their families if they do not succeed in school. This leads to widespread depression and anxiety issues across the country. Yi Jia titled her album, "Who Are We?", and wrote songs that called out the destiny of this generation, and reminded them that each one was created for a specific purpose.