In ancient China, a Cóng was a physical artifact made of a circle inscribed in a square. The circle is said to represent heaven, while the square represents earth, and thus a Cóng represented the intersection of heaven and earth. In light of this, we have two ways in which you can join our vision. The first is to partner with us as an artist by joining the Cóng Circle, where we focus on ideas, art, and working together to find creative ways to bring the elements of heaven to earth. The second way is to partner with us as a Cóng Square Investor. This is where you can invest in the physical aspect of our company through hard assets, and not only financially give to our vision, but expect a return on your investments. To find out more, click on the links below!



To partner with us as a Cóng Circle Member, you will need to apply using the above link. As a Member, we will offer you a variety of mentoring opportunities, connections to other artists within China, potential investment in your artistic visions and an invitation to our annual event.

To partner as a Cóng Square Member and financially invest in our vision, we have a variety of ways through which you can not only support our causes, but get a return on your investment as well. To learn more, please click on the above link.