A Cóng (pronounced tsong) is an ancient Chinese artifact created between 3400-2250 BC. Versions of these Cóngs have been discovered all over China, and every Cóng consists of a rectangular prism with a circular tube inside. Looking from the top down, it looks like a square with an inscribed circle. The square is said to represent the earth while the circle represents heaven, which means that a Cóng symbolizes the intersection of earth and heaven. While no one knows what Cóngs were originally used for, the theme is still very common in Chinese culture. Our mission is the same as that of a Cóng- to see elements of heaven (what is good, true and beautiful) brought to earth through the form of art. Our goal is to create a new Cóng- no longer a physical artifact, but rather a mindset communicated through music, movies, art and other creative elements.